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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  July 23, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and low 70's. we will have limited sunshine and a better chance of storms as the day wears on. now for a look at traffic. >> i have stan thomas on the scene of a crash on 395 at south capitol street. we will listen to stan thomas. >> the rack is at the beginning of the rack to exit onto south capitol street. and as you be is blocking the ramp. you cannot exit onto south capitol street. traffic using sixth st. southeast as an alternate. you want to state to the left to get by. there is a brief delay at south capitol street. >> thank you. we will go over to maryland. the beltway at new hampshire
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avenue looks smooth. no complications to report along 270. there was a wreck in alexandria. i will have details on that. >> thank you. president obama spent most of his press conference talking about health care. it was a comment made just before the event ended that has everyone talking about. >> matt brock is live the word on the street. >> what has happened -- the president we knew it would talk about health care and health care. there is no better way for the president of the united states to steer attention in another direction than to refer to a police officer as acting stupidly. it you thought all of the
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press conference chatter would be about health care, think again. how about the arrest of gates? police arrested him after they received a call saying someone was breaking into his home. gates claims he identified himself, police arrested him anyway because he was black. the president weighed in on the arrest unexpectedly. he says he understands gates' anger. >> any of us would be pretty angry. the cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting someone when there was proof that they were in their own home. >> some people in our area were surprised the president talked so candidly about that. >> i think heould have used
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better language then saying stupidly. >> obama was not there. i do not know his assessment helps the raise dialogue in this country. but since all of this, the charges have been dropped against gates. he said he is considering legal action against the cambridge police agency. the president is in cleveland today that he will be talking about health care. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. metro could soon get $150 million in federal funding. the house is set to vote today on whether to release that money to the transit agency. this is part of the $1.5 billion that congress authorized last year. the house delegation will
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discuss the funding at a meeting this afternoon. more cuts are coming in maryland. martin o'malley is holding a lunchtime cabinet meeting to discuss the next round cabinet they voted for $280 million in cuts. all malice said he has not ruled out further layoffs -- martin o'malley said he has not ruled out further layoffs or furloughs. one firehouse is facing claims that it missed nearly two dozen calls in one day. the capitol heights fire station missed 22 calls and units from another station had to respond. they blame a combination of furloughs and a lack of volunteers. the offer go completely unstaffed as their fire fighters are said to other understaffed
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firehouses. >> it is our best plan to stay within our budgetary constraints. >> it is not an abnormal thing because it is happening all over the place. >> be stitched we should is likely to get worse. there are now -- and the situation is likely to get worse. education reform will be the focus on capitol hill today. michelle rhee is scheduled to testify. they will review findings on the district's reform efforts. a counselor found the missing mental health records of the man who was responsible for the campus massacre two years ago. some heacho committed suicide. his records disappeared.
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victim families want to know whether the file contains any warning sign that could have prevented the massacre. a criminal investigation will be launched into how they went missing. a family got quite a shock after a man broke into their home naked. ryananry marn o " dd found the naked man standing over him. zachary catlin demanded a place to stay and refused to leave the house. >> i said you need to leave. he said, i am going to stay. >> they hit him with the taser and he went down. catlin is charged with resisting arrest. he is being held without bond.
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>> what an experience for that family. but i am glad i did not have to experience that. 6:07 on this thursday morning. very warm outside. a new effort to get all summers detected early. we will have more on this -- a new effort to get alzheimer's detected early. >> we are wedged between two weather systems. will we have a better shot of seeing a much-needed rain? >> and lisa baden will be back with another look at your morning commute.morning comm
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hello. but we aren't on the ocean city beach patrol. this is our idea of rush hour. come on down. good morning, washington. looks like "bay watch." >> your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. let's check in with adam caskey. he gets live -- he is live in alexandria. >> we're in a deficit for rain for the month of july. over two inches in the month to date. we're live at the brdock road station in el and center. weavea gray skies overhead. it looks like we have a better
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chance of seeg more widespread msher towshen will we haveense over the last couple of days. e ther are some showers over .outhern mylanth chars .county then in calvert county and pushing off to the north. it is part is over the ocean. itbaroy will not have much of an effect on their rest of our day. a system from the west will move been and it will keep these scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for the rest of the region later today into the evening hours. a little bit cooler today than yesterday. low to mid 80's due to the edit cloud cover. >> i just got off the phone with stan thomas. he is in a mobile unit at the scene of a crash on i-395.
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it is at south capitol street. the right travel lane and exit lane are closed. a ddot truck is behind them pushing everyone to the left. he said it is good because it makes everyone go around them. i say it is bad because they will be there for awhile. 95, headlights northbound in the normal pattern. 66 looks good. nothing out of the norm on 270. >> thank you. 6:12 is your time. a new initiative is being launched to rai awareness of alzheimer's disease. more than 9000 d.c. residents are expected to suffer from alzheimer's through next year. early warning signs include
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problems with short-term memory. >> if you think a family member has alzheimer's disease, you are usually right. you do not want to ignore something that is a problem. >> there is no cure for alzheimer's, but early treatment can slow down the progress of the disease. 6:13 is your time on this thursday morning, 73 degrees outside. a day of mourning at one of the nation's biggest fast-food train -- chains. we will explain. >> you're watching "good morning morning ba
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling,
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meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. in our top stories come out dozens of homes have been destroyed after a terrible fire in france. if forced the evacuation of several residences. shelling caused the wildfire. >> hillary clinton says north korea s no friends laughed to shield it from un penalties. she was responding to an announcement that north korea will not enter talks. she made these comments in thailand. >> talks on fixing the honduran crisis is a failure. it would reject a proposal for
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returning the ousted president to power. he says he will return to honduras to more with our without an agreement. a famous dog has passed on. >> she charmedmany and is best known as saying yo quiro taco bell. she was talking in a man's voice. she became a pop culture staple. shead other talents. >> you left your socks on the floor, she would pick them up and fold them. >> gidget had a movie role in " legally blond 2."
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she was 17 years old. >> i do remember that commercial. it was very funny. but a long productive life. >> absolutely. 70 minutes after the hour. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we will check in with be set based in. >> normal delays on 66 to get into fair oaks. 95 to route 1. i-395 to get into the 14th street bridge. note the late right now out of virginia to that wreck. that is a relief. moving nicely in both directions between the american legion bridge and the woodrow wilson bridge. >> we do have some rain down to our southnd east. it will converge later this afternoon, closer to town.
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it is currently down in dunkirk. we are hopeful we will have a better chance happening as the afternoon wearsn. we have been so parched as of late and we need every bit of moisture we can get. on the bigger picture, let's show you what is going on temperature-wise. it is kind of muggy outside. temperatures range from the 60's to the 70's. low 80's at best today. notice the dew points. when they are in the 60's, that means it is steve me out there. cut it with a knife. you can see. energy off to our west. it is swirling around. it is gaining more strength and will help push some energy our way. we will have limited sunshine. low to mid 80's.
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south east of the winds. a few showers early this evening. tomorrow, isolated showers. saturday, mostly sunny. i do not think we will have a storm chance. an isolated storm on sunday. we do need the rain. >> eventually. a big on-line merger is in the works. what's more on those stories in your "money scope" report. here is vinita nair. the recession takes a toll on ebay's bottom line. their profit decrease for the third straight quarter. the company ceo called the results solid and said he is seeing signs the market is stabilizing. amazon is expanding its shoe selection. they are buying
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the deal is worth about $850 million. sabots sells apparel and accessory and offers free shipping. the obama administration has sent its overhaul bill to congress. it would make them at the top cop for the nation's largest banks. ben bernanke told a senate panel he opposes part of the plan that would create a consumer protection agency. he says those powers should stay with general motors is seeing positive signs despite its sixth straight decline in sales. sales fell 50% globally compared to a year ago. they say government stimulus plans around the world are expected to help sell millions of vehicles. chrysl is trying something of a stimulus plan of its own.
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they are matching the cash for clocker program which offers up to $4,500 in incentives for trading in old cars. coming up on "good morning america," mortgage nightmares. businesses that promise to help you keep your home will wind up taking your money. and that is your "money scope" report. i am vinita nair. six o'clock 21, 73 degrees -- 6:21. employees of a major chain are on edge iafter some dangers threats. >> no shopping, no spending, but now wasting. it is a seven-state challenge for families with too much stuff. >> we appreciate your waking up with us. you're watching "good morning washington."
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welcome back. 6:24. this is a live look downtown d.c. keep it here for your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. now for the morning sports report. the nationals won again last night. that is two in a row. it won the series against the mets. one-zero nationals. here is a shot to center field.
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over the head the center fielder. he can fly. the throat is why it at third. when-one, top of the six. here we go again. one on, one out. josh willingham, how about this? three-one nationals. that is two wins in a row. " overall we have played good defense. we have not want the cover off the ball. it is indicative of what can happen if you pitched and played defense. >> you have to feel good at any time they do something positive. redskins' training camp kicks off in just over a week. all eyes will be on jason campbell. former coach joe gibbs was asked
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how the things campbell will do back in camp. >> if you are not mentally tough, if you cannot handle being booed, you're probably not the guy to be playing quarterback in the nfl. you control this. what you need to do is win. when you win, it all takes care of itself. but you have to have a thick skin. >> and you have to win. 6:26. >> the president heads to ohio this afternoon to take its health care message directly to the american people. >> good morning tube. metro discusses improvements to the rail system. i am courtney robinson with that story. >> live from the weather center, our best chance of rain for the
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week is is there are moments in time when the paths we take do determine our future. today we are communicating with each other as never before -
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and make it easy when you're away. and where ever you go, atm fees won't follow. and make it easy when you're get back to what really matters switch to suntrust checking today suntrust. live solid, bank solid. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. it is 6:30. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm doug mckelway.
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your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we do have the overcast weather out there. does that portend for some storms for us t? quest now is our chance. the -- >> now is our chance. we do have some showers in southern maryland. we have better chances. 73 in the district. gaithersburg, 68. since the's and 7's this morning. scattered showers and thunderstorms are likely this afternoon. >> it is hot outside. we thought we would spin it up this morning. let's show you what is happening. we are grateful to have the cameras. the pace of traffic is wonderful from past 109.
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spinning on over into virginia on to 395, leading beltway on to the pentagon. >> thank you. the house takes up a crucial vote on metro funding. >> the first payment is now up for debate. recent safety concerns, it could not come soon enough. courtney robinson has more. >> it could not come at a better time. natcher has discovered some more safety concerns on the rail system. they will talking about $150 million slated to come to the agency to go towards improvements. as the investigation to last month's continue, metro is discovered more problems with the circuitry system that keeps trains a safe distance apart.
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>> it scares me a little. as fastas theyca n. havedi oveder disabled circuits th bottom aosndyn r sl the blue line, and at the crash site between takoma and fort totten on the red line. " we should look deeper and we should respond much quicker than we have done before. >> natural already has paid $15 million contract -- metro already has a $15 million contract. it will potentially be designing a new pack up system. >> i am hoping they will learn from their mistakes. >> the issues are not as serious as what occurred during the red line crash.
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we will be hearing from lawmakers and metro's general manager at 1:30. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >> thank you. traffic will be shifted on two major in maryland for up in maryland for up to aye ar. beginning tonight, traffic souh .sll 29 will be shifdte b to a ne temporary torary runway. then traffic on old gunpowder road will be shifted onto a temporary road. star day tomorrow, workers who ke minimum wage will get a raise. it goes from $6.55 up to $7.25 an hour. that makes it 11% more expensive to pay workers who may minimum wage. some companies may have to cut back to help pay for the increase. president obama takes his
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case for health care reform right to the voters. he will be heading to ohio today. diana alvear has the details. president obama will touch down in shaker heights today at a town hall meeting. but my mother is 80 years old and on a fixed income. she is always medicine. >> the cost of prescription drugs are one issue that cannot wait. >> i get letters every day from families that are getting clobbered by health care costs. they asked me, can you help? but the president renewed his pledge to provide a new option for the uninsured. he said he would not support a an primarily funded by the
6:35 am
middle class. >> it will prevent insurance companies from dropping your coverage. you get to sit. -- it you get to sit. " the president may not have a bill to sign. experts do not expect congress to buy the august recess. >> dick durbin said it is not possible to get this through the senate. >> that looks like the president is more willing to be flexible about its august deadline. he said he just wants to get things done right. diana alvear, abc news. american apparel will keep crow te teachers on display despite a band list -- will keep pro-gray t-shirt on display
6:36 am
despite vandalism. the message refers to proposition 8 which banned same- sex marriage in that state. >> these are kind of unsettled because it does affect our say be here. >> american apparel's georgetown store receipt eight threatening phone call on wednesday. received --lomp e -- employees they've recyd ei > 85500-seattm siuadhas bn approvediuo be built loudoun county. the project is part of a plan just west of dulles town center. 6:36. let's get a check of business headlines once again with linda bell. >> good morning. it is still early. we do have stock index futures
6:37 am
indicating a higher open. the housing market and unemployment will be getting the once ovethis morning. we will be getting weekly unemployment numbers from the labor department. we're also excting that kind of earnings from companies including at&t and donald's. amazon trail. it has agreed to buy the biggest deal of their history. general mills is trying to put more muscle into weeklieheaties. a new cereal is being exclusively l w man. it will be available on line and then sold in supermarket starting in january. go get that. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters
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in new york, i am linda bell. back over to you. >> banking, linda. we will see you tomorrow. -- thank you, linda. hospitals need your help in the fight against the h1n1 virus. >> adam caskey live in alexander. it is obvious by looking at the grass that we can use some showers around here. >> we will be back with the with
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6 the plot 41. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. -- 6:41. >> adam caskey is in alexander and he was showing us the dry, brown rats. many folks cannot relate to that. -- the dry, brown grass. we have had a lot of rain in spring and early summer, but now we are in a deficit. there is a touch of blue but a lot of gray puhing in. hiit is the associated with a shower over princergeo ge's county. eo he i aa lot tha rar.ok
6:42 am
notice ioect an in southern maryland. it is slowly drifting offct to the east. 76 right now in alexandria but muggy. better chance of thunderstorms today. more widespread today. better chance for some soaking showers. slow-moving showers. low 80's for highs. >> i have plenty of traffic making the drive on to t 66dan hr t.66ghou manassas,t exy nlade is at 28, centreville. lanes are open out of manassas park. onpe 395, our delight is between the beltway and seminary road. there is a crash at the exit for south capitol street.
6:43 am
the right lane is a lot. 270 is good to the beltway. >> thank you. 72 degrees. a chinatown mystery solved. will the massive arch stay or go? >> we will>> we wil
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. we are coming up on 6 it bought 46.
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>> what it to these $150 million in federal funding to metro. this was all the rise last year. the house delegation will discuss the funding at a news conference later today. >> they will begin human studies of swine flu vaccines, and human volunteers are needed to try out those shots. the health and human services advisory committee will meet today in gaithersburg to discuss those trials. >> martin o'malley will discuss budget cuts. they voted yes today for $280 million in budget cuts. he has not ruled out further furloughs. 6:47. let's get to the stories that a
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lot of people will be talking about. but philip stewart is here with more. >> we have quite a few talkers this morning. we start with an e-mail error. people were treated to dozens of news alerts on wednesday. but they were from 2003. e-mails were the result of technical difficulties. a story was posted from one of the alerts as a da y creear story. it waseeaued down with an explanation. if you have been through chinatown, you may have known the arch i covered up. work is underway to refurbish the art. it was dedicated back in 1986. they are repainting and replacing the woodwork.
6:48 am
it to be finished by the end of summer. the luxury retailer barneys new york has removed a window display that appeared to show blood spattered manikins that were holding back the attackers. this was removed after an inquiry from various media outlets. the weird window display crossed the line. i do not know. pretty high end. maybe it is part. >> i did not see the correlation with back and an expensive dress. >> maybe it is arct. they got some free advertising. they took it down. >> thank you so much. your traffic and weather together every 10 we are keeping ouringers
6:49 am
meossed for rain out ther. danhe rain is fallingngsout f d o.sttown rokightig now. hweave showers in st. mary's county, charles county, and calvert county. over towards annapolis. it will be off to our west. a cool front will drop across the. . is not bringing in the cool probably only in the low to mid 80's at best today. let's show you what is happening. a cold front will drop across the area. it should initiate some more widespread showers and storms this afternoon and into the evening. you can see the energy that has been bringing a lot of rain. heavy rains through the ohio valley. it has been basically hit or
6:50 am
miss. we're hoping some of this energy comes our way. limited sunshine today. 81 to 85. tomorrow, partly cloudy. and i sedated storm. temperatures will be in the low to mid 80's. it will be down white hot for saturday. high pressure in charge. hot and sticky, 90 degrees. each and every day we get that chance for rain. let's take a look at the traffic. >> it is starting to slow now across the 14th street bridge. crash at 395 northbound on south capitol street and it has been there for two hours now. ddot is on the scene. we will take you to a live camera of traffic in maryland.
6:51 am
southbound on 270 looks pretty good, moving from 109 to get down to the beltway. direction out of newington.ut we have io
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police in ohio have a real mystery other hand. >> it is the case of a missing
6:54 am
ptortoise. it was nowhere to be found on monday morning. it weighs about 8 pounds. it was the only one of its kind at the zoo exhibit. >> we have looked extensively. there was no way the animal could have gone out of the exhibit. we think it was removed from the hi >>t. they are worried that whatever has the turtle will not know how to care for it. herding or stealing one is a felony. whoever took it might put it right back. but we know he is not moving too fast. >> traffic is starting to slow down out of virginia. two and a half hours they have been with a crash at the exit for south capitol street. look at the impact.
6:55 am
northbound 395 now slowing after the pentagon to the crash. we will jump over to the camera of traffic in maryland. it is moving nicely. this is 270 at the plane the by. but it looks ominous with gray skies overhead. only in the low 80's because of the overcast. showers and storms throughout the day. tomorrow, last of the chance. the weekend will be dry. and hot. near 90 degrees. same for sunday. the pattern repeatsth itself. we need a lot o. rina it willin be awhile bere it moves on in. it is mainly wards the east rdd eastern sections --
6:56 am
have picked up toth two t inches. is the best chance to get that green that we need. we are several inches down. >> ok. it is something. >> i can see some over there. >> over on the other side. >> thank you for watching. >> have a wonderful day. there are moments in time
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